Committee on Human Resources

AASHTO Liaison
Clarisse Bernardes Coble, Human Resource Director

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Committee Chair

Lee Wilkinson
Director, Operations and Finance Division
Iowa Department of Transportation

General Purpose Statement

The Committee shares, researches, and recommends processes, best practices, and policies that enable the human resource functions of State transportation agencies to continuously become stronger, innovative, and more efficient. This includes evaluating trending issues and considering all human resource issues of concern to Member Departments.  Our responsibility is to assemble and disseminate current information and recommendations on these topics which include recruitment and selection, workforce planning and development, employee relations, compensation and benefits, the health and safety of all employees, industry innovations and all other emerging topics.

The committee shall collaborate with appropriate AASHTO Committees, Federal agencies, institutions of higher learning, and organizations in the development of human resource activities involving the Member Departments and/or in which the Association may serve as a sponsor, encompassing administrative practices, management techniques, and technical training programs.

It shall identify strategic partnerships with other committees to further the mission of the organization and report to its parent committee on any federal regulatory mandates of national concern. Each Member Department shall be entitled to membership thereon.

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The advantages of joining our committee include better human resource and talent management for your organization through shared information and professional growth that our members achieve.