Committee on Human Resources

AASHTO Liaison
Clarisse Bernardes Coble, Human Resource Director

2014 Presentations

Meeting Agenda

Diversi ty and Traning in the Workplace 
Effenus Henderson, CEO of Henderworks

Veterans Outreach in Washington State
Robert Humes, Manager of Talent Acquisition, Washinton Department of Revenue

Telework at Washington State: Changing a Mindset
Kim Britton, HR Manager, Washington State Department of Transportation

Healthy Workplace Fundamentals
Jim Webber, CEO, Jim Webber Training

Nebraska’s Leadership Program and Progressive Trends in HR
Sue Larson, HR Division Director, Nebraska Department of Roads
Carrie Williams, HR Manager, Nebraska Department of Roads

Trends in Safety, Health and Wellness
Scott Pritchard, Director of Washington Wellness

Preserving the Precious Sense of Hearing
Corey Lane, Industrial Hygienist, Washington State Department of Transportation

Knowledge Management and Knowledge Books
CalTrans Motivation Guidebook
Leni Oman, Director of Research and Library Services, Washington State Department of Transportation
Michelle Tucker, Chief Risk and Ethics Officer, CalTrans