Committee on Human Resources

AASHTO Liaison
Clarisse Bernardes Coble, Human Resource Director

2016 Presentations

​​​​ Agenda

Colorado DOT Welcome
Mike Lewis, Deputy Executive Director, Colorado DOT

Colorado Workforce Adaptation Peer Exchange
Michelle Scheuerman, Statewide Planning Manager, Colorado DOT
Michael King, Transportation Planner, Colorado DOT

Colorado DOT Workforce
Beverly Wyatt HR Business Partner, Colorado DOT

State DOT Highlights: Oregon – Interview Stream
Jane Lee, Chief HR Officer

State DOT Highlights: Arizo na – Targeted Selection Interviewing
Wendy Brazier, Chief HR Officer

State DOT Highlights: Arka nsas – Performance Management System
Crystal Woods, Human Resources Division Head
Alicia Hunt, Personnel Officer

National Transportation Workforce Center: Millennials in Today’s DOT Workforce
Susan Gallagher, Western Transportation Institute, Montana State University

Aging Workforce
Danny Roter, Burns and McDonnell

AASHTO Comprehensive Committee Review
Jim Tymon, Chief Operating Ofer, AASHTO

Linking Technology and the Future Workforce: Employee Communications, Change Management, and Moving to a Society of Visual Communications
Hando ut
David Levin, CEO/President, Four Winds Interactive

Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TC3)
Emily Elliott, Subcommittee Chair, Virginia DOT
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NCHRP Domestic Scan: Adv ances in Developing a Cross Trained Workforce
Lee Wilkinson, Operations and Finance Division Director, Iowa DOT
Vicki Arpin, Agency Human Resources Administrator, Connecticut DOT
Jane Lee, Chief HR Officer, Oregon DOT