2019 Committee on Human Resources Presentations

Monday, May 6, 2019

Strategic DOT Business Plans Panel Discussion – What’s HR Seat at the Table
Speakers: Karin van Dyck, Director of HR, Minnesota DOT; Jennifer Schoorl, Human Resources Director, Oregon DOT; Kimberly Nowacki, Director of Human Resources, Delaware DOT; and Jeff Pelton, Director of Human Resources & Safety, Washington DOT

Creating the Workforce of Tomorrow – VDOT’s Bold Approach
Speakers: Cynthia Bullock, Human Resources Director, Virginia DOT and J. Bryan Nicol, Managing Director, Infrastructure & Capital Projects, Deloitte

Innovative and Successful Initiatives at MDOT
Speakers: Judy Slater, Director, Office of Human Resources, Maryland DOT-The Secretary’s Office; Jay Kozak, Human Resources Manager, Maryland DOT State Highway Administration; Tonya Morant, Director, Human Resources and Workforce Development, Maryland Transportation Authority; and Josie Pullen, Deputy Director, Human Resources, Maryland DOT – The Secretary’s Office

Why Gallup Q12 – The Iowa DOT Perspective
Speaker: John Selmer, Director, Strategic Performance Division, Iowa DOT

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Joint Knowledge Management/Human Resources/TC3 Session

Technology-Driven Training Solutions – 360 Videos, Virtual, Augmented Reality
Speaker: Emily Lloyd, E-Content Consulting

Caltrans Innovations in Rapid Hiring & Talent Management
Speaker: Michelle Tucker, Chief, Division of Human Resources, California DOT

New Hampshire Department of Transportation – Standard Operating System (SOS)
Speaker: Alexis Martin, Human Resources Administrator, New Hampshire DOT

North Carolina Department of Transportation – Competing for Today’s Workforce
Speaker: Amanda Olive, Deputy Human Resources Director, North Carolina DOT

Workforce/Succession Planning – GDOT’s Innovative and Collaborative Approach
Speakers: Brian Robinson, Deputy HR Director, Georgia DOT and Monica Ivey, HR Director, Georgia DOT