Committee on Human Resources

AASHTO Liaison
Clarisse Bernardes Coble, Human Resource Director

Domestic Scan 13-01 Cross Training

Domestic Scan 13-01 reviewed innovative and best practices on how agencies are using cross-training, for what reasons, and when it appears to be most appropriate.

Cross training was defined as training that prepares an employee hired for one job function to perform another job function. The term is often used interchangeably with job rotation or job shadowing.  Cross-training is used to help develop employees, stabilize workflow, prepare for succession planning, improve teamwork, and make up for job losses due to budget cuts.

Ten agencies’ practices were reviewed: Caltrans; Connecticut DOT; Iowa DOT; Missouri DOT; Ohio DOT; Tennessee DOT; Utah DOT; Virginia DOT; Oregon DOT; and the National Institutes of Health.  Each agency provided best practices. For example, Tennessee DOT cross-trains maintenance workers and summer construction workers to allow for a more flexible and resilient workforce that can be better utilized year-round.

​The Domestic Scan found many benefits to cross-training, such as increased employee engagement and retention, more flexible employees with broader skill sets, and potential cost-savings in effectiveness, efficiency, and turnover.

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