Committee on Human Resources

AASHTO Liaison
Clarisse Bernardes Coble, Human Resource Director

AASHTO Salary Survey

The AASHTO Salary Survey has been prepared to provide job classifications and salary information on positions currently used by the transportation industry. This survey is intended as a tool for human resources administrators and other professionals for the departments of transportation (DOTs). This document contains 82 matched titles divided into 5 broad job categories. The categories are: administrative, engineering, general, maintenance, and other. For each title, a brief description, salary range, and actual salary is included. A benefits section is also included, with information on medical insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans. Websites for job class specifications, salary information, and a DOT contact list are provided to obtain additional information not part of this survey. This is a free online item for all AASHTO E-Affiliates.​ To create your e-affiliate account, visit the AASHTO Books​to​re​. ​

2019 Includes DOT organizational charts